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Amura customs services

Amura Cargo, as a freight forwarder, offers a wide range of customs services to facilitate the flow of cargo across borders. This ranges from customs clearance, tariff classification, customs valuation and management of import and export formalities. In addition to providing advice on customs regulations, permit management, customs insurance and audits, Amura excels in customised customs services, a global network of strategic partners and a constant commitment to exceeding expectations.

Customs clearance

Our customs clearance service stands out for simplifying the process of importing and exporting goods for our clients.

Features of our customs services

Tariff Classification

We accurately determine the tariff classification of goods, a crucial step that influences the application of duties and taxes.

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Customs Filing

We manage the filing of documentation with customs authorities, ensuring smooth import or export clearance.

Management of Taxes and Duties

We calculate and manage applicable taxes, duties and customs charges, optimising costs for our clients.

Customs Compliance Insurance

We advise and manage guarantees or insurance required to comply with customs obligations, providing peace of mind to our clients.

Coordination of Customs Inspections

In case of inspections, we coordinate and manage the process efficiently, minimising any impact on delivery times.

Customs Problem Solving

We act as effective intermediaries in the resolution of problems or discrepancies that may arise during the customs process, guaranteeing a quick solution.


Advice and Document Preparation

From commercial invoices to bills of lading, we take care of the advice and preparation of documentation ensuring regulatory compliance.

Permit and Licence Management

We facilitate the obtaining and management of permits and licences necessary for customs clearance, ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

Why choose Amura Cargo for customs services?

Our commitment to excellence in customs services goes beyond simple document management.

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Maritime Freight Transport Services

Amura Cargo offers a wide range of shipping-related services to facilitate the smooth movement of goods internationally. These services include vessel space booking, FCL and LCL shipment management, container co-ordination, preparation of shipping documentation, sea customs clearance, ocean freight insurance management, distribution logistics, real-time tracking, special cargo handling and advice on Incoterms and maritime regulations. Amura takes care of the entire process, from planning to delivery, ensuring regulatory compliance and providing customers with up-to-date information on the status of their shipments.


Air Freight Transport Services

As a forwarding and shipping company, we offer logistics solutions, combining the speed of airfreight shipping with our expertise in integrated logistics. From efficient coordination of commercial airfreight shipments to air-specific packaging, we ensure a smooth and seamless cargo transport experience. We simplify air documentation and provide tracking so you can be confident in the safe and timely delivery of your cargo.

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Logistic services

Amura offers comprehensive logistics services to optimise the international supply chain. This includes complete logistics planning, multimodal coordination, inventory management, efficient warehousing and distribution, specialised handling and packaging, real-time tracking, reverse logistics, route and load optimisation, application of information technology (IT) to improve visibility and control, continuous improvement consulting, logistics problem solving, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Amura Cargo is dedicated to facilitating the efficient movement of goods from origin to final destination, ensuring customer satisfaction and efficiency throughout the logistics chain.